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Trust Edgetech for Knives, Scissors and More

We Sharpen Anything and Everything You Need

When you're a serious professional, you need your tools to work perfectly every time. You also don't have time to be waiting days for a supplier to return with newly sharpened tools. When the quality of your service is on the line, and you need your axe, scissors, knives or anything else sharpened right away, contact Edgetech for on-site assistance throughout the Des Moines, IA area.

There are countless professionals from all different occupations who benefit from Edgetech's sharpening services. We help crafters, hairstylists, chefs, homeowners, construction workers, medical professionals, arborists, electricians, gardeners, landscapers and much more. Owner Chad Hitsman has two decades of experience helping residents and professionals with sharpening in the Central Iowa area.

Top 10 Reasons to Use Edgetech

  • Cleanliness! My mobile workshop keeps the mess out of your kitchen, home, business
  • Convenience! Edgetech mobile service can sharpen most items at your location at a minimal charge
  • Environmentally friendly! A lot of people become frustrated and throw away their dull tools. Re-use, re-cycle, re-sharpen!
  • Experience! I've been a full time professional sharpener for over 20 years. Factory certified and trained by master sharpener Dennis Brooks.
  • Full service! We can sharpen almost anything in your home or business.
  • Safety! Dull tools are dangerous, even OSHA agrees.
  • More than sharpening! Edgetech can repair many damaged cutting tools to like new performance.
  • No gimmicks! Just great service at a great price. I have a passion for what I do and take pride I my work.
  • Personalized service! Edgetech can custom sharpen to your specific needs. If you have arthritis, a properly sharpened tool cuts with less effort and more control.
  • VAlue! Edgetech cansharpen most tools/knives several time and removes minimal metal. A property cared for tool can fast a lifetime .Simply put , Sharpening saves you money.

Get Your Tools Sharpened Today!

If you have a tools that have dulled through constant usage, you don't have spend money on costly replacements. You also don't have to wait days to have them ready for use again. With Chad Hitsman at Edgetech, you can have your vital tools sharpened and ready for action within hours.

We understand your time is money, so contact Edgetech now to get your tools sharpened today.